His handkerchief

We remember the story of his baldness, which managed to escape certain death thanks to its industry, creativity and usefulness. Inspired by this flexible capillary condition, the poet has imagined a way to upgrade his handkerchief.

He simply inserted a GPS chip in it, then soaked it in a chemical compound of his own manufacturing, mostly consisting of capillar sebum. All he needs to do now to find his way while traveling is to blow his nose in the tissue and observe the motion and colours of the mucus. The green fluids form the background of the map, whereas the yellow threads draw the itinerary.

It has regularly been acclaimed as the cheapest, fastest and most eco-friendly tool ever created in the field of navigation. 

As a result, the poet is now working on an ambitious world map version, using huge but easily foldable sails from Norway. Most importantly, his formula to spread highly resistant bacterias at all seasons shows promising results and should help him expand his market beyond the cold seasons.