His mornings

Even though he never was an early bird, the poet affects a pronounced taste for what he calls the complexe sensoriel matutinal, or MORNING SENSORY COMPLEX. With the help of that concept, he actually launched a vast, ambitious project which consists in the manufacture of a device that can stretch the morning all over the afternoon slot and replace it. The philanthropic aim is clear : to give an access to Dawn and its well-known benefits to all the insomniacs, misfits and philosophers who have been married for too long to their beloved Night.  When asked how arduous a task it is, the poet answers that one simply needs the right formula, which requires only three materials : a weak essence of medium-roasted ideas, the neuronal map of a genuine awakening and soft light. He insists on the fact that the latter must be of a bluish hue, and directly coming from an enchantment of our choice.