His window

His window remains among his favorite inventions. Inspired by photography, he made so that it captures light continuously. If he blows on the glass and writes a precise date and time on the steam, what happened outside at that very moment is then displayed on the window.

He often replays a seemingly trivial scene. The street was empty and silent, except for one kid who was rehearsing the same incoherent movements over and over again. Stumbling like a drunk, he was jumping clumsily on the short stone wall of the church, before performing a few dance moves. Then he would leap back to the ground, throw a spool to the other side of the road, take it back and gesticulate in the whole process.

He repeated the sequence a few times, diverting his energy and boredom.

Sometimes though he would stop, uncertain, as if he suddenly remembered that he was alone, that there was nobody apart from him and the double he was incarnating.